Chanel Preston Bio

chanel-preston-10078-01Chanel Preston was born December 1, 1985 in Fairbanks, Alaska and that was where she grew up. A year after graduating from high school, she moved to join a friend in Honolulu, Hawaii. The weather there suits her much better because she can frequently show off that incredible bikini body of hers. She likes to spend her days outdoors, doing everything from running to swimming to stand up paddling. One thing that she doesn’t do, is surf. She claims that she never developed much of a talent for it. Fans of the beautiful brunette know that her biggest skills actually have nothing to do with being indoors or out. They have everything to do with sex.

Chanel shot her first video for the porn industry in January 2010. She has since been in around 300 films and done more scenes than she can keep count of. She was named the March 2012 Penthouse Pet of the Month and has garnered a lot of attention and great reviews for her performances in porn parodies as characters such as Wonder Woman and Lara Croft. She puts a lot of preparation into her roles to make certain that they are perfect, including working with a choreographer to teach her fighting moves and rock climbing. She doesn’t need any directing with the sex aspect because she has that down to an art form.

Chanel has won multiple awards as well as hosted awards shows and been a trophy girl. Although porn can be fairly easy to get into, few girls ever actually become true pornstars, but that is exactly what Chanel is. She is well loved by the industry and the fans, with her demand consistently growing and never waning. She is one of the most wanted and most watched babes on the planet.

At 5’8” with big brown eyes and a breathtaking 32D-28-30 body, Chanel isn’t shy about showing herself off and using her sexy features to their fullest extent. There may be things that she won’t do at the moment, but there isn’t anything that she has ruled out completely. She says that sex for work is much different than the sex in her personal life, but sometimes she brings some of her newly discovered kinks and fetishes home to her own bedroom. Her portfolio includes lesbian, solo, anal, facials, double penetration, cumswapping, and much more. She thoroughly enjoys her hardcore work, but also appreciates the opportunity to be dressed up and made glamorous for sensual nude photo shoots. She moves seamlessly from classy vixen to XXX dirty girl.

Chanel Preston is everything a pornstar should be and she is someone that you will definitely desire to see again and again. Every new scene is better than the last and there is no good reason to deprive yourself of watching her magic in action. You will be left spellbound and satisfied.

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